Are you…

  • hearing a breakdown in communications and cohesion of your team?
  • aware of a need of some resilience and agility amidst change?
  • feeling a waning of leadership confidence and courage?
  • seeing poor management of time and not enough assertive push back?
  • in need of mote strategies to win business and take care of your client relations?

If so, I can help. I’m an experienced, successful training consultant and coach who works with those who feel they have less internal permissions to get braver, find their resourcefulness, use their voice and embrace fearless leadership in all areas of their life and work.

I give people the tools to provoke important thought, create new narratives and realise change by effectively galvanising others into action.

I have 15+ years of experience in coaching, consulting, designing & running training as well as being an experienced public speaker. I can tailor bespoke packages for your individual needs, to support and get you / your team through this current pandemic.

I’m the founder of Flaming Leadership and Creative Wavelengths™. I am also a Published Writer, Award-Winning Theatre Director and Singer-Songwriter.


Mini Virtual Training Workshops

Self Compassion and the Importance of Routine

A 60 minute online session where we will explore what happens to us humans during change in terms of our emotions, physical and mental health. We will work to understand why we react as we do in uncertain times and create coping strategies whilst shifting the concept of obstacle to opportunity.

We will implement some ideas on how to manage ourselves through the current changes using a range of techniques. We will address the importance of routine and each participant will walk away from the session with some clarity on how to navigate themselves through the current climate and beyond, with calmness and an optimisation in their wellbeing.

Productivity and Communication when Working Remotely

We are amidst fast-changing times yet life and work must go on and we need to adapt quickly. This 60 minute online session will give you the opportunity to do just that whilst also addressing the realistic challenges and distractions we are dealing with.

We will explore the challenges of working remotely in terms of isolation, procrastination, scheduling and planning. We will also look at what happens to our brain when we are working alone and how we can turn these responses to our benefit, not our detriment.

How we communicate with others is essential, yet working remotely and virtually can throw up a whole load of new challenges. Because of this, we will look at some practical ways to navigate this shifting landscape and make a real positive personal impact.

How to Be Super Effective on a Video Call

This 60 minute session will take you through some simple, easy to implement steps which will enable you to be your best self on video. We will look at how to inspire, influence, motivate and engage as well as get clarity in your messages and maximise your relationships with others via webcam. By the end your confidence will be soaring.

Come armed with a notebook and pen and get ready to become a video master!

Mini Virtual Training Workshops are: £595 + VAT and can accommodate up to 24 people


Longer Virtual Training Workshops

These workshops are a combination of theory, interaction and implementation of strategies. They can accommodate between 6-12 participants, depending on topic. All workshops are designed to be tailored to each client individually but may include the following:

Resilience & Agility Amidst Change

  • Defining resilience and understanding its role
  • Growing your grit, efficiency and speed when under pressure
  • Developing sharper personal insights and relational intelligence
  • Leading and collaborating amidst complexity
  • Building and maintaining cross-cultural connections
  • Nurturing and elevating innovation

Assertiveness & Establishing Boundaries

  • Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviours
  • Assertiveness Theory & Agility
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Patterns of Behaviour
  • Establishing Boundaries and Saying ‘No’
  • Confidence
  • Vocal Presence
  • Spacial Presence

Personal Impact

  • Communications Dynamics
  • Cause and Effect and Staying In-Charge
  • How to motivate and create buy in
  • Understanding the Human Brain Under Pressure
  • Rapport Building
  • Empathy vs Sympathy
  • Creating a Level Playing Field
  • Maintaining Appropriate Communication Agility

Negotiation & Influencing Effectively

  • The five points of negotiation
  • Rapport building
  • Managing Emotional Hijacking
  • Effectively listening to other perspectives
  • Creating progressive conversation
  • Managing Difficult Dynamics
  • Expecting the Unexpected
  • How to identify bottom lines and create value added

Women's Leadership

  • Utilising strengths and increasing gravitas
  • How to make key decisions, create buy-in and lead by example
  • Personal voice and the power of your story
  • Acknowledgement and Accountability
  • Utilising Time, Energy and Focus
  • Raising Your Visibility
  • Identifying Long-Term and Short-Term Goals
  • Creating Effective Strategies

Conflict & Managing Tricky Dynamics

  • Understanding the conflict dynamic
  • Feeding the solution rather than the problem
  • How to manage your own and other people’s stress
  • Develop flexible communication styles
  • Creating cohesion
  • Handling different agendas
  • Empowering, motivating and inspiring others
  • How stories and assumptions can get in the way

Creative Thinking & Innovation

  • Understanding and Accessing the Creative Brain
  • Making Your Team Creatively Intelligent
  • Developing the Ultimate Creative Culture & Environment
  • Creative Time Management
  • Problem Solving and Innovation
  • Holding and communicating the creative value both internally (with the creatives and those working with/alongside) and externally (stakeholders, customers and/or consumers)
  • Smart ideas generation and implementation
  • Creating Buy-In

Time Management

  • Unconscious narratives and limiting beliefs
  • The impact of current habits and what can be done to create long term changes
  • Procrastination and Avoidance
  • Neuroscientific Evidence of Brain Development
  • A range of time and task management tools and how to implement them
  • Managing the hijackers and useful set pieces of conversation
  • Communicating effectively under Stress
  • Managing professional relationships under time pressure

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

  • Qualities of effective public speaking
  • Understanding how to impact an audience
  • Presentation Dynamics
  • Positioning to different levels of expertise
  • Managing the Inner Critics and the Ego
  • Key structures
  • Handling nerves, increasing confidence and creating presence
  • Effectively using and handling questions

Presentation Slide Design

  • Understanding how Message, Visual Story and Delivery work
  • Creating Your Visual Story
  • Knowing Your Audience
  • Presenting Data
  • Arranging Your Deck
  • Designing a Background and the Psychology of Colour and Text
  • Interacting with Your PowerPoint
  • Five Powerful Presentation Points

Train the Trainer / Coach the Coach

  • Managing room dynamics and understanding key behaviours
  • Learning how to coach and provoke thought through conscious and effective use of questions
  • Understanding the differences of delivery styles and how to decide which is most impactful
  • Creating a training / coaching session for bespoke clients
  • Delivering effective feedback
  • Building awareness of advanced communication skills

Winning New Clients and Managing Relations

  • How to Identify Your Ideal Customers
  • Understanding and Articulating Pain Points
  • Getting Your Messaging Clear and On Point
  • Building and Maintaining Empathy, Rapport and Trust
  • Creating Your Niche Buy In
  • Maximising Your Visibility and Credibility
  • Developing a Winning Strategy
  • Staying Current and Supportive for the Needs of Your Clients

Longer Virtual Training Workshops are: £1,195 + VAT


Speaking engagements are approximately 40 mins plus 20 mins of Q&A

Women's Leadership

Women’s Leadership is currently being discussed as a priority and there is a strong awareness around the fact that things need to be fairer in terms of gender balance. However, despite a significant amount of time, money and energy going into training, creating equal opportunity and giving access to skilling up, things are still not moving strongly enough in the right direction. I believe that an increased awareness around the language we still use around, and its implications in response to, women’s leadership are crucial, both in terms of how women are related to and how they relate to themselves. The communication and mindsets around this issue still need to go through some big shifts if we are to really make some long-term changes for equal representation. I create a safe and honest conversation about why we are going wrong and what can be done about it.

Creative Intelligence

We live in a busy and unpredictable world and finding a common language around the creative process is a very real challenge. Even for people who create or collaborate regularly, trying to find precise, eloquent and directional language that communicates intent, subtlety and specificity is very difficult. This can result in miscommunication, loose boundaries and increased costs. Back in 2017 I developed the language of Creative Wavelengths™ as the response that directly addresses and resolves this problem and discusses what it is to head into the next decade working with Creative Intelligence. In this session I will introduce you to the concepts and how you can implement them.



Executive Leadership Coaching

4 x 60 minute one-to-one, bespoke leadership sessions tailored to individual needs around personal impact, presence, effective communications and developing resilience through uncertainty.

Confidence Coaching

4 x 60 min one-to-one, bespoke confidence coaching sessions tailored to individual needs for less senior clients with ambition and drive.

These sessions can also take place online via Zoom or Skype.


Clients include