Dannie-Lu Carr is a Personal Impact, Communications and Creativity specialist, providing speaking engagements, seminars, workshops and consulting all over the world.

She is a passionate, driven person who believes strongly in individuals working from their own confidence, skills and authentic powerful places. It gets big results in terms of team cohesion and effectiveness as well as a strong sense of personal autonomy.

Dannie is a direct, gritty, approachable and empathic professional who is particularly strong at thinking on her feet and pushing for people to get beyond their perceived upper limit, both personally and professionally.

She is also a published writer and the founder of Creative Wavelengths.



Speaking engagements are approximately one hour plus 30 mins of Q&A Price is dependent on time of day and number of attendees.

Leadership & Storytelling

An impactful leader needs to be able to inspire vision. Vision begins with being able to tell a great story. But on it’s own, that isn’t quite enough. Through understanding emotional complexity and how that resonates, the real leader can learn how to move mountains. Dannie creates an honest conversation about how this can be done.


We live in a busy and unpredictable world and finding a common language around the creative process is a very real challenge. Even for people who create or collaborate regularly, trying to find precise, eloquent and directional language that communicates intent, subtlety and specificity is very difficult. This can result in miscommunication, loose boundaries and increased costs. Dannie has developed the language of Creative Wavelengths™ as the response that directly addresses and resolves this problem.

Assertiveness & Resilience

If we are really going to develop and harness the skills we need to be assertive in our skins and be resilient then we need to understand what happens to knock us off our game in the first place and then what to do about it. Dannie will take the audience though the neuroscience of what happens when we are under pressure and how we can trigger into different evolutionary states. She will then take people through some simple and effective ways to grow your own resilience and implement it with ease.


Coaching & Consulting

Executive Leadership Coaching

8 x 2 hour one-to-one, bespoke leadership sessions tailored to individual needs around personal impact, presence, effective communications and developing resilience through uncertainty.

Confidence Coaching

10 x 90 min one-to-one, bespoke confidence coaching sessions tailored to individual needs for less senior clients with ambition and drive.

Consulting Package for Team Rejuvenation & Cohesion

A series of 4 x 2 ½ hour workshop seminars plus 4 x 90 minute coaching sessions for each individual team member to rejuvenate and refocus any team and to give them a renewed sense of clarity, energy and motivation. Usual timescale of this package stretches over 6 months.


Seminars & Workshops

Workshops run for 6 hours plus a lunch break. They are a combination of theory, interaction and implementation strategies. They can accommodate between 6-10 participants, depending on topic.
£1,795 + VAT
Seminars are 2½ hours in duration and are interactive. They can accommodate up to 20 participants.
£2,495 + VAT


Personal Impact & Assertiveness

A one-day workshop to understand how to consciously create the impact you want to make as well as being aware of the psychology of assertive communication and how/when to implement it. The day will be interactive with a combination of theory, pairs and small group exercises and some larger group discussion.

Presenting & Public Speaking

A one day workshop to practically grasp what makes an effective presenter and public speaker including work on managing nerves, structuring impactful messages, working with supporting materials if relevant and dealing with difficult questions and audience challenges.

Positive Influencing & Difficult Conversations

A one-day workshop to understand how to positively influence and stay in charge of strong emotions and other high stakes surrounding difficult conversations. This day also deals with how to manage assumptions, increase empathy, understand values and read behaviour effectively.

Creativity & Innovation

A one-day workshop to understand how to utilize your own creative thinking, realise what crushes it and work to inspire creative productivity in clients and colleagues. It explores the latest research in the world of Creativity & Innovation and works with tools to enrich your overall resources and encourage client buy-in to new, big ideas.

Time Management & Personal Effectiveness

A one-day workshop that assists in developing a proactive and personal response to managing time effectively. You will learn how to eliminate, delegate, and streamline your tasks and examine the reasons why some people procrastinate, including some suggestions on what can be done about it.

Clients include