28 Days of Defiance

What if, a month from now you had the clarity, courage and solid sense of direction to do whatever you want to do? What if you developed all of the grit and courage to deal with anything life hurls in your direction?

28 Days of Defiance makes that possible. I developed it from scratch to do just that. 

I am a Personal Impact, Communications, Creativity and Leadership coach. I champion people to become strong, resilient, courageous leaders of their own path. I’m also a published writermulti-disciplined creative practitioner and the founder of Creative Wavelengths™. 

As an entrepreneur and one of life’s contrarians, I’ve always found that playing by your own rules and living by your own set of values serves you the best. It has worked well for me and I am going to be sharing heaps of what I have learned in my life and career via this 28-day ‘interactive game’. 

It’s a challenge. You’ll have to step up.
You will have to be 100% committed and 100% accountable.

This is how it works – you get a daily email from me, also linked to a Facebook Group if you want to work that way, including a video and worksheets. You’ll have an accountability partner. Each day one of you must chose the Truth of the day and the other the Dare. And you have to do it. You track it all in your workbooks and in the group. You also have access to me, as your coach, via Voxer, for the duration of the course, should you hit any ‘sticking’ points.

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